Risk disclosure

This Risk Disclosure Statement is valid from 18 July 2018 and will stay valid until a later form is discharged. Axe Capital Ltd maintains the right to change or enhance this Policy at its sole discretion. This Policy does not supplant our Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and Conditions which we recommend for your cautious reading before you start performing any trade.

This document contains information on products and services provided by Axe Capital Ltd (Sent Lucia, exchanging as AXE CAPITAL (”we”, ”our” or ”us”).

Provided information may contain generic guidance. Any broad exhortation does not consider any of your individual targets, money related circumstance or wishes. Every client ought to think about the suitability of any broad exhortation with respect to his (her) individual targets, money related circumstance and wishes.
Information is given to you so you can appropriately comprehend the services and products we give and to help you in choosing whether you wish to use our services and products.

We shall not be considered us as financial adviser or planner. We don’t give examination of your assets or financial targets, money related circumstance or specific needs that an expert financial adviser ordinarily gives. We prescribe that you look for your own nonpartisan financial advice before you start trading our products.

Essentially, we only provide market making and administrations execution. Where any guidance is given, accidental to this, it is given as parting words only.

Any data and resources that you might be given, or may access from us, are presented with the sole point of empowering you to operate and control your very own investments. This likewise implies you should be capable and willing to acknowledge sole obligation regarding guaranteeing the appropriateness of all investments that you may make, before making any venture or enforcing any trade with us.
We don’t ensure, explicitly or by suggestion, the exactness or integrity of any data provided. We shall not be responsible to any client or third party for the exactness of the data or for any market prices we supply to a client. Nor, shall we be responsible for any postponements, mistakes, blunders, intrusions or oversights in the furnishing thereof, for any direct or consequential harms emerging from or occasioned by such postponements, mistakes, blunders, intrusions or oversights, or for any discontinuance of the service.

Risk Caution

Foreign currency exchange and derivatives trading can be extremely speculative and may bring financial failures. Both of these activities include significant loss exposure and are not reasonable for each investor.
This web page does not consider targets, money related circumstance or necessities of individual clients. Consequently, you ought to deliberately think whether foreign exchange and derivative is fitting you in the light of your own financial condition. You ought to know that managing in items that are extremely leveraged convey essentially more serious hazard than non-leveraged speculations, for example, share trading.

Accordingly, you can both earn and lose a lot of fund. You can lose in excess of the margin required to establish and keep any positions in leveraged products. You can face a complete loss of your money in your account with AXECAPITAL.SYSTEMS.

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